Lunch and Learns


Some of the many workshops or trainings that we offer include: 
(some are subject to change)


Improving Asthma Management Series
The Asthma Training Series is an 8 part training series for health professionals to provide better care for their patients with asthma. Each program is one hour. The 8 part series offers:

  • Asthma Guidelines for the Way You Practice
  • Asthma Management Tools: Gizmos and Gadgets
  • Asthma Medications
  • Spirometry
  • Control of Environmental Factors that Affect Asthma
  • Asthma Education: Using the Toolkit
  • Asthma Management Should Not Be Complicated!
  • Implementing Asthma Action Plans
  • Documentation: Implementation New or Revised Encounter Forms (only for sites with Centricity)

Pattern Management: Interpreting Blood Glucose Logs
Join us to learn about interpreting blood glucose patterns and identifying teachable moments.

Case Studies in Diabetes
This one-hour program will encourage dialog about diabetes through the use of case studies. Several of the studies are provided, but please feel free to bring your own.

Diabetes Medication Update
This session will identify new and existing diabetes medications and how to use them appropriately, and will feature case studies to help apply knowledge and skills learned at the session.

Diabetes in the School
This program is designed as a diabetes overview for school nurses. Topics include basic pathophysiology, treatment modalities, insulin, and the role of the school nurse in diabetes management.

Metabolic Triad: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Inflammation
This session discusses cardiovascular risk factors in patients with diabetes, inflammation and it's role as a risk factor for CVD. It also includes information on lifestyle modifications, evidence-based guidelines, nutrition education, and the Heart Healthy Diet.

Integrating Oral Health Into Primary Care
This series will discuss the importance of risk assessment, fluoride options, screening, and anticipatory guidance in a busy practice setting. If you are interested in how to integrate oral health into your care, schedule a session today!

Three sessions are available for primary care practices: Pregnant Women, Early Childhood
(0-5 yrs), and Middle Childhood-Adolescent (6-18 yrs).

Sessions may be scheduled as a three-part series or on an individual basis.

Cultural Competency Training Opportunities

Becoming culturally competent is a process of understanding one's own belief system and being respectful of others. Culture encompasses religion, class, gender, race, ethnicity, language, education, and many other elements. Let us help you engage your staff to build cultural awareness and competency!

The NH Minority Health Coalition and SNHAHEC join together to offer cultural competency training opportunities. The current Cultural Competency training offered is Hinge Points in Cross Cultural Health Communication, which discusses points of interaction, cultural assumptions, and skills of cultural effectiveness.






For more information about offered sessions, please contact
Gina Savinelli at gsa[email protected]  
or (603) 895-1514 x2.