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HPV Learning Opportunities




What is the National AHEC HPV Immunization Project?

Face to Face Training
Would you like to hold a continuing education session on HPV?
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Online Self-Study
Interested in participating in an online self-study?
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 Resource sheet for the Online Self-Study


FREE CME Self Study Course

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Safety



Steps to Increasing HPV Vaccination in Practice

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NH HPV Fact Sheet 2017

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 Hospitals and Cancer Centers:  Vaccinate Adolescents against Cancers

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Diversity & Cultural Competence

Train the Trainer

June 26, 27, 28, July 1, 2, 2019

   Who is this course for?

   Professionals who want…

  • To start or enhance cultural competency initiatives in their organizations
  • To include proven cultural competency training as part of their curriculum
  • To understand how to design and deliver a quality cultural competency program


   New and experienced diversity and cultural competency trainers who want…

  • To enhance their facilitation skills for potentially difficult conversations
  • To participate in a statewide network of cultural competency trainers


   Course Description:

   This course is a 5 day training divided into 2 parts: 2 eight hour days in one week, 

    followed by 3 eight hour days during a second week. This is 40 hours of high quality       

    training. You must attend all 40 hours to receive your certificate.

    Times: 8:30am to 4:30pm each day.

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Lawrence Raisz New England Bone Club 2019


October 17 and 18, 2019

Portsmouth, NH 




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Carbohydrate Counting


An Online Program led by Della Flanagan, RD

      The goals of this program are...

  1. to state what carb counting is and why it is important to manage diabetes
  2. to state carb targets for meals and snacks
  3. to identify resources to learn carb content of foods
  4. to explain how to calculate insulin to carb ratios

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Our Refund Policy is as follows:


   Full Refund. SNHAHEC shall provide a student with a full refund, of all monies paid within 30 days if:

  (a)  The school procured the student's enrollment as the result of any false representations in the written       materials used by the school or in oral representations made by or on behalf of the school; or

  b)  The student withdraws from the program or course on or before the first day of instruction, a full refund, less   an administrative fee, not to exceed $150.


  Other Refunds.

  SNHAHEC shall provide a student with a partial refund of monies paid within 30 days if:

  (1)  A student who withdraws or is dismissed before 50% of the instruction period shall receive a pro-rata refund,   less an administrative fee, not to exceed $350;

  (2)  A student who withdraws or is dismissed after more than 50% of the instruction period shall receive no     refund.

  All efforts shall be made to refund prepaid amounts for books, supplies and other charges unless the student  has consumed or used those items and they can no longer be used or sold to new students, or returned by the school to the supplier.






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