Equity Leaders Fellowship (ELF)



Members of the Leadership Team

From left to right: Dottie Morris, Trinidad Tellez, Paula Smith, & Jazmin Miranda

Not Shown: Woullard Lett


The Equity Leaders Fellowship draws on the expertise of New Hampshire leaders of color to train a cohort of community leaders to make a positive impact on important community issues.

During this nine month program, Fellows will build critical skills to take leadership positions on community committees, boards of directors and other state and local civic engagement opportunities.

Experienced New Hampshire leaders from communities of color will share knowledge, offer experience, and support individual participants through one-on-one mentoring.

The Equity Leaders Fellowship proactively augments and supports existing New Hampshire leadership development programs by focusing on leaders of color as they navigate the myriad of structural race equity and social justice issues inherent in their community service work.

There is NO cost for participating in the program and all program materials will be provided to participants. However, Fellows will be expected to be able to travel to workshops and may need to secure early release from work on Friday workshop days. Depending on the time of day, Fellows may be asked to bring a brown bag meal to workshops.


Here are some comments from Fellows!

“I now feel like I’ve found my tribe!  The Equity Leaders Fellowship has changed me by introducing me to friends and colleagues that are like-minded and share the same values.”


“It has changed me in a significant way: Before I used to oscillate between denying racism/eurocentrism (blissful ignorance) OR being completely paranoid and blaming too many things on my status as an immigrant. Now I have a much more balanced and thoughtful perspective, as well as tools for identifying racism and managing that. I also have compassion, because I realized that for the most part people have no idea they are being racist/xenophobic, etc. I see myself as someone who can educate the White majority.”


Leadership Member Woullard Lett (left) & Cohort 4 ELF Fellow Jason Green (right)



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The next cohort of FELLOWS in the Equity Leaders Fellowship will happen in Fall 2020! Applications are due August 17th. 

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We are now accepting applications from BOARDS AND COMMITTEES in NH that want to engage with a Fellow! 

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Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work

Are you looking for new ways to help people who are different from one another talk about racism and then figure out what to do together? Have you ever been leading a group and been stopped in your tracks by someone’s comment or question?

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For further information about the Equity Leaders Fellowship, please take a look at the brochure or contact us at [email protected] 

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