Continuing Education

Continuing education programs are available to community preceptors and practicing providers on a variety of clinical topics. Southern NH AHEC strives to meet the educational and scheduling needs of clinicians. We understand the pressures of productivity in the practice as well as the need to balance work with a family life. Therefore, programs are offered in a number of ways, some during the lunch hour, as in our Lunch & Learn program. Others are offered in the early evening.

Southern NH AHEC also offers cultural competency training for medical, administrative, and support staff. Trainings can be scheduled for one-hour to day-long presentations, and many include interactive learning elements. For more information about cultural competency training opportunities, visit the Cultural Competency webpage. 

The Preceptor Development Program provides support to preceptors and field coordinators who offer community-based learning experiences to students over the course of the academic year. The Preceptor Development Program consists of a series of web-based presentations, including Integrating Learners into the Practice Setting, The 15-Minute Hour, and Skills for the Busy Preceptor. Continuing education credits are provided with the completion of the evaluation and course assessment. 



Southern NH AHEC offerings by format:


If you have a topic you would like to see offered by Southern NH AHEC, please contact

Brianna Ferraro at   [email protected]


 Scholarships: Scholarships to select conferences and workshops are offered to preceptors and providers serving underserved populations. Scholarship information can be found on the individual event brochure, downloadable on the calendar page.